Tetris Guide

The japanese arika website can be found here.
This website contains guides for:
- Tetris The Grand Master (
- Tetris The Absolute Grand Master 2 (
TAP) Master mode and Death mode.
- Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror Instinct(Ti) Shirase mode and Master mode using the classic ruleset.

This guide has been translated by villadelfia, the original can be found here.

TGM Guide TAP Guide
Lesson 1 Basics Lesson 13 Master m
Lesson 2 Basic stacking Lesson 14 Death m
Lesson 3 Skimming Lesson 15 Death Gm
Lesson 4 Recovery Lesson 16 Master Gm
Lesson 5 Fast falling stages
Lesson 6 Increasing the fifth column Ti Guide
Lesson 7 Understanding the range of movement Lesson 17 The new system
Lesson 8 Advanced rotation Lesson 18 Shirase to Lv.1300
Lesson 9 Rotating over obstacles Lesson 19 Invisible staff roll
Lesson 10 Advanced stacking
Lesson 11 Time attack
Lesson 12 Advanced Techniques

These pics are free for you to use.