Lesson 8: Advanced rotation

As seen in the second lesson, the TGM rotation system has many useful wallkicks.
Here are some practical examples, first the T.
The J and L can also wallkick.
In these cases you need to pay attention to the direction of rotation.
Neutral rotation:
It is not needed to hold left to perform this rotation.
The S, Z, J and L have very useful wallkicks.

Special applications of wallkicks

You can force yourself into a hole like this.
Given these circumstances, you can wallkick into these holes.
Given enough room, the J and L can tumble int holes to fix mistakes.


As shown here, when overlapping with the stack, the block will always try to go to the right.
When using IRS to point downwards, you can use these wallkick examples.
As seen here, if given room, the block will kick to the right.

When not to wallkick

The I and O can not wallkick.
When using IRS you will not wallkick if that would've happened if you rotated after landing normally, as seen with the J here.
There are no floorkicks in TGM and TAP.
J, L and T can not wallkick the central column after landing.

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