Lesson 13: Master M

Overview of master mode

From LV.0 - 499 the speeds are about equal to those of TGM.
From Lv.500 the DAS and Clear animation decrease in length.
From Lv.600 the ARE after line clear and the line clear animation decrease in length.
From Lv.700 these continue to decrease, the ARE decreases too.
From Lv.800 the ARE decreases more, as does the line clear ARE and the line clear animation.
From Lv.900 the DAS and lock delay shorten. The lock delay almost halves.


The lock delay nearly halves at Lv.900.

This makes simple moves like these impossible unless you have a strongly pyramid shaped stack.

Staff roll

The staffroll in TAP master mode is an invisible 20G challenge at the speed the master mode ended.
Blocks disappear as soon as they lock.

The clearing of this challenge is only needed for a Gm rank.

m Grade requirements.

The grade data in the original guide were old and inaccurate, instead look here.

Zanghi moves

A hord drop in TAP does not lock you piece, you need to press down for that.
because of that you can drop, shift one place to the left or right, and then lock very easily with a smooth 180 degrees turn of the joystick.
This is called a zanghi move.

In TAP you can do a zanghi move here by using DAS to shift to the right and then do a 270 degrees turn counter clockwise.
The zanghi moves are very useful for these common situations where you're awaiting an I.
Useful but particularly difficult because of the rotation.
This situation is uncommon, but a zanghi move here can incredibly increase your speed.
You also can do a zanghi move at the spawn point as shown here.
Zanghi moves can reduce errors, in this case it is much easier than pressing right up down.

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