Lesson 5: Fast falling stages

From Lv.300 speed will increase to 2G and 4G, from Lv.400 it will increase to 5G and end with 3G.
As mentioned in lesson 1 a G is the amount of rows dropped per frame.
Here are the trajectories for 2 to 5G.

2G 3G 4G 5G
If blocks are going faster than expected, they can get stuck on other blocks.
This is even more common in 20G.
In 20G blocks will appear on the floor.
In this example it is impossible to escape.
Therefore you should build your stack like this, using lock delay to form it.

Specifics on this can be found in the next chapters.

Lock delay

When you have to slide blocks you use the lock delay mechanism.
You have 0.5 seconds to set your piece except if it drops down another line, then the lock delay will be reset.
You have to be aware that you can still move a block before the lock delay runs out.
Like this, you can accidentally move a piece while you are preparing for the next block during the ARE.

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