Lesson 11: Time attack

Getting the GM rank.

To get the GM rank you have to play quick, there are 2 cutoff points.
You need to finish the game with
126.000 point and a time of 13:30:00 or less.
You also need to have rank 1 by level 300 and rank S4 in less than 7:00:00 by level 500.

Optimizing operation

In 20G instead of using IRS and tapping right 4 times, which would take too long...
You can use right DAS and rotate again.
This same principle applies to the L, T and I.
Earlier in the game you can soft lock faster with techniques like this.
You also DAS to the wall and tap back once.
This might sometimes be impossible in 20G.

Erasing lines

The ARE in TGM is 0.7 seconds long.
A line clear takes 0.68 seconds.
Singles take as long as tetrisses.

As seen here, this recovery can be done with all types of line clear, therefore it's best to do a tetris.
What to do when the S doesn't fit?
In 20G, rotating would cause you to lose time.
It's better to place it like this.

As such, you can do a tetris revival.
Similar strategies will work for other blocks.

Stack high early

Soft drop speed is 1G, therefore you should minimise the distance it should have to fall.

You should stack the left higher than the right because the wallkicks are biased to the right.
Due to the time it takes for a line to clear, you should try to make line clears high and in triples or tetrisses.
If you make a mistake early in the game, you should set it aside and fix it later to not lose time.

Optimizing operation 2

C rotates the same way as A, therefore you should not double tap A, but IRS C then press A quickly to enter at upside down.
In this case you should IRS with B and after tapping left twice, you should tap AC quickly.
If you press right B left here you can quickly slide underneath.
Sometimes you should pay attention to the order of moving and rotating, in this case moving first, then rotating is quicker.
This case is an example or the previous two techniques.

Charging DAS

You can charge the DAS during the ARE, however it can be difficult to use.
For example you can shift a block too far if you're not careful, or you can actually charge a block you didn't want to if you had to charge a series of blocks.
In TGM the input of the joystick is dropped if it has been held for too long.

DAS can be very useful at high speeds but it has its risks.

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