Lesson 4: Recovery

Blocks on top of holes.

Recovering is done by removing all the lines that cover the hole.
This is of course hard when there are more lines.
It is important to try to give yourself access to the hole after recovering.
Lesson 2 has shown that S and Z are often used to fill 2 columns.
In this case, you should use a T instead.

Recovery by clearing lines

These are examples of recovery by clearing a line.
More examples of the same.
These are examples of recovery by clearing two lines.
3 lines can only be recovered by providing a place for the J or L to hook onto.

Using a misdrop as a floor.

You can use a missed I as a floor.
Using a T for this will leave a gap.
Therefore it is better to use a L or J.

They can be cleared away neatly.

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